About Terry

Terry Brix, a green chemical engineer who lives in Blue River, Oregon, divides his time between two careers: writing poetry, novels, and memoir, and developing green, sustainable projects with countries such as Norway, Finland, Iceland, South Africa, United States, and Canada.

            Brix’s poetry walks hand-in-hand with science, technology, and his international interests and passions. Inspired by his travels to Norway, where he was astounded by Oslo’s Vigeland Sculpture Park, he created “Chiseled from the Heart,” a poetry collection celebrating the genius of Gustav Vigeland, which was published in 2000 by Vigeland Museum.

            His poetry has appeared in, among others, Dos Passos Review, Concho RiverReview, The Evansville Review, Fireweed, Curbside Review, Rattlesnake Review, The Antioch Review, and North American Review.

            Fighting Exile,” begun in 2012 during a month-long fellowship residency at Playa, reflects on the diverse feelings surrounding his exile from his beloved Montana, where he was born and raised. He is currently working on new poetry collections, juxtaposing international topics and themes with his western poetic focus on Montana, Oregon, and the Pacific Northwest.