The Ethics of Poetry

When I first began writing poetry in the late 1980s, my soul was wracked with every form of scurvy—even though I didn’t know it. I considered myself successful. I was married to my high school sweetheart, had four children, a large house, had traveled to four continents and was a millionaire on paper.

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What Poetry Can Do For Humankind

Poetry Creates Connectedness I believe we have lost our connection to everything. We have no connection to the land because we never grow anything we eat. We have no respect for animals because others do our killing; we just show up to eat at McDonalds. We are not...

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My Way Forward—The Wonders of the Universe

“This Way to the Egress.”  P.T. Barnum   I started out as most chemical engineers do—working for a large chemical company where the bottom line is worshipped over the ultimate effect of the product on people and the environment. These large chemical companies are a...

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